Our team believes that sensors research is still in its infancy. Orders-of-magnitude improvement in sensor selectivity, sensitivity, energy efficiency, and integration density can be achieved by combining advanced nanomaterials and electronics. All our projects target real-world applications and result in demonstrated prototypes, for industrial relevance and scientific impact. We are steadily-growing, technically-oriented group with six interdependent research tracks.

Research Tracks

Sensors and Surface Science

"How can surfaces be engineered for optimal interaction?"

Electronic Nanomaterials

"How to synthesize and process novel materials?"

Nanoscale Devices

"How to engineer into ultra-small dimensions?"

Stretchable and Wearable Electronics

"How to make soft materials into flexible devices?"

CMOS Sensor Interface Circuits

"How to process sensory signals?"

Analytical Microsystems

"How to miniaturize by optimization and integration?

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