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Pressure and Strain Sensors


Related research topics in our group:

  • Stretchable and Healable Electronics

  • Electronic Nanomaterials

  • Electronic Devices

Flexible pressure sensors are currently at the centre stage of wearable electronics and human-machine interfaces. Despite tremendous progress in recent years, the design of pressure sensors with high performance, high stability, and mechanical robustness is still a challenge.


Our group investigates flexible and self-healable pressure sensor for wearable applications. Some designs are bio-inspired, such as by the bean pod structure. Our sensors obtain unprecedented sensitivity, improved linearity, and a wide sensing range. We have fabricated devices based on a novel structures, including one consisting a microspacer core layer of polystyrene (PS) microspheres, sandwiched by two laser-induced graphene/polyurethane (LIG/PU) films.

The sensors have been further verified in stringent applications, such as human arterial pulse monitoring, successfully demonstrating the differentiation of percussion (P), tidal (T) and diastolic (D) peaks. Our flexible pressure sensors are highly suitable for human physiological diagnostics and other advanced wearable applications.

Selected publications:

Q Tian, W Yan, Y Li, and D Ho*, "Bean pod-inspired ultra-sensitive and self-healing pressure sensor based on laser induced graphene and polystyrene microspheres sandwiched structure," ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 12, 2020.

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