Analytical Microsystems and CMOS Circuits


Related research topics in our group:

  • Analytical Microsystems

  • CMOS Integrated Circuits

  • Machine Learning

  • Biosensors

  • Electronic Nanomaterials and Devices

Conventional analytical instrumentation, for example, for spectroscopic and chemical analysis, involves a large amount of conventional discrete components, rendering the instrument complex, bulky, and expensive. As a result, their usage is often limited to the confines of the laboratory. Therefore, miniaturization of analytical equipment has attracted much attention due to a new level of performance, integration density, and cost-reduction.

The goal of this research track is to design, fabricate, and characterize microsystems that typically involve optical, electronic, and microfluidic components. The overall system is aimed to fit into a volume of several cubic inches. As an example, we have designed, fabricated, and demonstrated a fluorescence/luminescence-mediated DNA detection microsystem for muscular atrophy disease and E-coli bacteria analysis. The key novelty is in the elimination of focusing optics through the technique of contact imaging. We have also developed fluorescence lifetime photon-counting systems with liquid-core waveguide optics and microelectronics.

One approach that makes us unique is the combination of top-down fabrication technique using standard complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) integrated circuits and the bottom-up technique of self-assembly synthesis. The combined approach takes advantage of the high performance from modern microelectronics (e.g. machine learning, analog/mixed-signal processing) and novel properties of nanomaterials.

The above research and development enables miniaturized, sensitive, and low-cost optical biosensors, making possible their wide-spread use out of the laboratory and supporting rapid, point-of-care medical diagnostics.

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