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Derek Ho, Ph.D.

Associate Professor:

Office:  R7129 (Bank of China Complex Lift 13)

Lab:      P7627 (Yeung Kin Man Academic Building, Purple Zone, btw Lift 16 & 17)

Email:   derekho{-at-}cityu{-dot-}edu{-dot-}hk


Mailing Address:

Dr. Derek Ho

Department of Materials Science and Engineering

City University of Hong Kong

83 Tat Chee Avenue

Kowloon, Hong Kong

Delivery Address:

R7112 (Lift 13), Floor 7, Bank of China Complex (two floors above main canteen)

City University of Hong Kong

Receptionist available 9:00-12:30 14:00-17:45 Mon-Fri

Delivery Tel: 3442-2985; 3442-2490

Co-Principle Investigator:

Hong Kong Centre for Cerebro-Cardiovascular Health Engineering (CoCHE)

RM 1115-1119, Building 19W

Hong Kong Science Park

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