Positions Available:

Areas of current recruiting interest:

    - flexible / stretchable electronics

    - hydrogels, polyelectrolytes, semiconducting polymers, polymer composites

    - sensors: mechano, chemical, biological

    - actuators: soft/gel actuators

    - energy: supercapacitors, aqueous batteries

The Atoms-to-Systems Lab focuses on the synthesis, integration, and application of novel flexible/stretchable electronic materials to sensing and energy fields. Our projects involve synergizing materials chemistry, electrochemistry, semiconductor physics, device fabrication, and (in selected cases) biomedical engineering.

Our group focuses on training tomorrow's researchers, therefore emphasizes technical competence and hard work. We have a harmonious and collaborative culture among members. Supervision is primarily in English and also has substantial Western influence in terms of style.

Postdoc Fellow:


- (salary highly competitive) (multiple projects begin in 2022 and 2023)

- Requires a PhD in Materials, Chemistry, Electrical Engineering, or related disciplines

- Application package should be sent to <derekho{at}cityu.edu.hk>, including: 

1) Cover letter

2) Research statement

3) CV, w/ publication list

4) PDFs of up to 5 publications

Hong Kong ITC Postdoctoral Hub:

For postdoc applicants eligible to be hired under the Hong Kong ITC Postdoctoral Hub (graduated from top 100 institutions from qualified disciplines or from a Hong Kong university), salary can reach $32000/month. If this applies to you, please state clearly in cover letter/email.

PhD Student:

CityU Minimum Requirement:

(I) Mandatory: bachelor’s degree with at least 85/100 GPA

     - unless C9 / 985 / double-first-class (category A)

     - unless has strong publication (1st or 2nd author: SCI top 10% +5 marks, else +2.5 marks)

(II) Mandatory: English test score (minimum TOFEL = 79, or IELTS = 6.5, or CET6 = 490) [test taken within 2 years]

Please send the following info to <derekho{at}cityu.edu.hk>. Complete information will receive quicker reply.

1) GPA of all (including incomplete) degrees in %/100 or XX/4.0.

2) English test score (explicitly state test taken within 2 years)

3) University ranking

4) CV with publication list

5) Publication samples, 1st- or 2nd-author, in PDF format


A: Fast Track (available year round): for applicants with demonstrated excellent research

B: Main Round (observe SGS deadline, usually December 1, but submission by mid November is highly recommended): for all applicants, including those wishing to applied for HKPFS. All applicants who pass IELTS should apply through the HKPFS route, which is automatically considered for the normal PhD admission process as well.

Financial Support for Graduate Students:

CityU studentships offer a monthly stipend of HK ~$18,500/month (US ~$30,000/yr) to all successful candidates. All graduate students are admitted through the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) (sg@cityu.edu.hk). For admission requirements, please consult the SGS website and SGS Admission Handbook. Admission success is highly based on GPA and publication records. CityU admission deadline is in early December for admission to the following year's fall semester.

Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme (HKPFS):

Strong applicants are strongly encouraged to apply for the prestigious Hong Kong PhD fellowship. The Fellowship provides a annual stipend of HK $325,200 (~US $42,000/yr) and a conference travel allowance of HK $13,600 (~ US$1,800) per year for a period of up to three years (2022 funding level).

Research Assistant:

- Requires a bachelor’s degree, with plan to continue PhD study at CityU afterwards (please state in email)

- Please email GPA / CV / English score / publication samples to <derekho{at}cityu.edu.hk>.