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"Pioneers in soft ionic-electronic materials and devices."

Atoms-to-Systems Lab


- The Atoms-to-Systems Lab advances the frontier of soft ionic-electronic materials and devices.

About us:

- Directed by Prof. Derek Ho, we are leaders in sensors and energy storage devices, two focuses linked by our fundamental expertise in ionic-electronic materials synthesis and device fabrication. We work at the intersection of materials, electronics, mechanical, and biomedical engineering.

Areas of expertise:


- Department of Materials Science and Engineering, City University of Hong Kong

- Hong Kong Centre for Cerebro-Cardiovascular Health Engineering


- Materials include ionic hydrogels, elastomers, polymer composites, and MXenes. Our projects typically involve three aspects:

  • Materials synthesis using soft chemistry

  • Mechanistic investigations

  • Stretchable electronic device fabrication


- Wearable sensors and energy storage, for industries such as healthcare, robotics, electronics, garment, and security.

Openings (view details): 

- Postdoc fellows: Available year round

- PhD students: Dec 1 deadline yearly, but recommend full online application by mid Nov.

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