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"Extreme performance through new materials and device architectures"

Atoms-to-Systems Lab

The Atoms-to-Systems Lab conducts research in flexible / stretchable electronic nanomaterials and devices. Working at the intersection of materials chemistry, electrochemistry, electronics, and biomedical engineering, we contribute forward-looking sensor and energy storage device solutions to the grand challenges of healthcare and sustainability. The two areas are fundamentally linked by the Lab's expertise in applied materials chemistry for desirable electrical properties. The principle investigator of the lab is Derek Ho. Specific research areas include:

Most of our projects involve materials synthesis via soft chemistry; mechanistic investigations based on electrochemistry, surface and interface science; and the fabrication of thin films and electronic devices. The Lab currently studies new ways to engineering novel materials, especially ionic hydrogels, polymer composites, and MXenes. Projects that we are currently executing or are interested to pursue include ionic hydrogels as mixed ionic-electron transport soft materials, artificial mechanoreceptors, chemoreceptors, and convergent architectures for battery-capacitor devices.

Openings (view details): 

- Postdoc fellows: Available year round (multiple positions open in 2022 and early 2023)

- PhD student applicants: Dec 1 deadline yearly, but recommend full online application by mid Nov.

Department of Materials Science and Engineering, City University of Hong Kong


Hong Kong Centre for Cerebro-Cardiovascular Health Engineering

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