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"Pioneers in soft ionic-electronic materials and devices."

Atoms-to-Systems Lab


- The Atoms-to-Systems Lab advances the frontier of soft ionic-electronic materials and devices.

About us:

- Directed by Prof. Derek Ho, we are leaders in electronic sensors and energy storage devices, two focuses linked by our fundamental expertise in ionic-electronic materials synthesis and device fabrication. We work at the intersection of materials, electronics, mechanical, and biomedical engineering. We are obsessed with rapid innovation, applying new techniques to new applications, and making our findings accessible through clear explanation.

Areas of expertise:


- Department of Materials Science and Engineering, City University of Hong Kong

- Hong Kong Centre for Cerebro-Cardiovascular Health Engineering


- Materials include ionic hydrogels, elastomers, polymer composites, and MXenes. Our projects typically involve three aspects:

  • Materials synthesis using soft chemistry

  • Mechanistic investigations

  • Stretchable electronic device fabrication


- Wearable sensors and energy storage, for industries such as healthcare, robotics, electronics, garment, and security.

Openings (view details): 

- Postdoc fellows: Available year round

- PhD students: Dec 1 deadline yearly, but recommend full online application by mid Nov.

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