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"Extreme performance through new materials and device architectures"

Atoms-to-Systems Lab

The Atoms-to-Systems Lab conducts research in electronic nanomaterials, with a strong focus on flexible /stretchable device applications. Working at the intersection of materials, electronic, and biomedical engineering, we contribute forward-looking solutions to overcoming grand challenges concerning sustainability and health. The principle investigator of the lab is Dr. Derek Ho. Specific research areas include:

The Lab currently studies new ways to engineering novel materials (liquid metals, ionic hydrogels, polymers, and MXene). A common theme of our projects is the importance of soft chemistry, electrochemistry, thin films, interfacial phenomena, surface science and electronic device fabrication. Our approach is to (i) develop unconventional approaches to synthesize, assemble, characterize new materials with unprecedented properties, and most importantly, (ii) design, fabricate, and demonstrate new electronic devices in practical applications, such as medical/wearable electronics, chemical sensors, and energy storage devices.

Openings (view details): 

- Postdoc fellows

- PhD student applicants: Although the deadline is Dec 1, recommend application by Nov 20.

Department of Materials Science and Engineering, City University of Hong Kong

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